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It’s simple, our methods deliver your message to more target customers per campaign…and we show you with real-time reports and statistics.

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Our artists and developers create compelling messages that invoke action, strengthen branding, and engage your customers. But it doesn’t stop there. Campaigns are more than just what you see.

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Our custom network and in-house software allow our clients to enjoy industry-leading deliver-ability.

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Every name in our TargetTrack database is confirmed every month via our network of online sites and services. Learn More about our data.


The Key is Reach & Frequency

Select Pay Per Click or The Value of Pay Per Mailing to Achieve the Reach & Freqency Desired

Pay Per Mailing

Determine your budget and goal with a Product Advance email specialist and allow us to build an email campaign around your budget.

Only pay for the emails that get delivered with our 100% delivery guarantee.

Pay Per Click

Finally, an email program that lets you pay per performance. First, determine your target customer base demographic and geographic location. Then allow us to do all the work! This program only charges you based on customers that open the email, review the message, and click through to the landing /web page of your choice.


About our Data

All of our data and email addresses are OPT-IN, CAN-SPAM compliant, Non-Harvested Emails. We capture email and data records from consumers and business professionals that complete forms online. All of the websites we capture information on contain privacy policies which allow for third party marketing and all users have elected to provide their email addresses for these purposes.

In addition, we also compile data from a number of other sources both public and proprietary, including partnerships with data warehouses, third party web sites who provide compliant data feeds, public records, state realtor boards, phone directories, internet listings, Federal State & City Government Records and more. Our data management department compiles fresh data feeds from different sources 7 days per week!

All data is imported into our master database from which we can then sort and search by geographical location, SIC Code, Select Interests, or a variety of other criteria. Depending on the original data feeds and our agreements with our partners, our data is separated into two tiers:

Tier 1 Data

Since we receive data from many sources, once a subscribers email address is entered into our system, he or she instantly receives an automated email message confirming their address and subscription. All qualifying and confirmed addresses are classified as “Tier One”. By actively communicating with this subscribers base via our customer’s messages, we are able to maintain the most up-to-date information as well as the integrity of our data.

We do not sell Tier One data. We use it to send your message to those subscribers on your behalf. Your message must meet the categories of information the subscriber has elected.

With a little information from you about your message or product, our friendly team will help you determine what segment of our tier one data will be best for you.

Its important to remember that all data in our system starts out as Tier 2 data and then either works its way to tier 1 by completing our verification process, or is deleted from our system

Tier 2 Data

After processing our daily feeds, our system immediately marks all new data as tier 2. This is always our freshest and newest available data however, since this data is received daily, subscribers in this tier have not yet completed our additional verification process.

Lists of Tier Two data are typically less expensive and are available for sale on a case by case basis.

Since tier 2 data is not verified it will contain a higher percentage of bounced or returned emails. For this reason we offer our unique Bounce Control Guarantee on all Tier Two Data lists. Simply provide us with an export of your bounced addresses and we will replace them with an equal count of the freshest daily data!

There is a no refund policy on any list purchase

All email list sales are final and non-refundable. By processing your order and submitting your contact information you are entering into a binding purchase contract. This has been done to protect the integrity of our email list databases from fraudulent activity and from anyone looking to steal our data. We offer a guarantee as specified above and all replacement requests are honored within 24 business hours.


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