4 Reasons for a New Website This Year

UPDATED: You have a business.  You have email.  But your web presence is dated, lacking appeal and doesn’t represent your brand or services anymore.

If this sounds like you… It is very likely that you are missing out on new & repeat customers!  The following reasons should be at the top of your list for getting a new website this year:

Mobile Friendly is The Way

Everyone has a cellphone tablet or other mobile device.  Often times this is the first place a visitor will come in contact with your brand or message.    A new modern website should be mobile friendly and able to communicate your unique selling points and funnel your visitors to action on any platform.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

A new site should be built using the modern technologies that allow it to disseminate information to search engines easily.  From sitemaps to built in SEO tools new websites are designed to help you conquer and integrate with your online marketing.  Modern websites are equipped to handle new trends and adapt when search engines change their ranking algorithms.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You’re different. A new custom website lets you show that to your visitors.  You might have a niche product or a market differentiator people should know about. Perhaps you have come up  with  a unique new way to engage with your audience and you need to communicate with them frequently.  A new website can be built around your needs to help you accomplish your online goals and integrate your marketing strategies.

Your Old Website is Slo….w

Making your users wait to download a page on your ageing dinosaur of a site only to have them find out its less than spectacular is a sure fire way to lose online visitor confidence.  A new website is speedy and responsive and built with modern code for modern browsers.  No more old plug-ins or animated intros.  Its 2016!